Rat Fealty: Feds or Thargoids? A Fuel Rats Thargoid cartoon (in FDev Newsletter)

As with game extras, the Thargoids themseves have been just rumours for quite some time after game release.
The Thargoids seem on the move, the Federation seems eager to battle them, and the Rats are picking sides … for the fuel.*
The very first suggestion for theThargoid Rattatoon Contest already put my keyboard in highest danger due to coffee and Snickers ejection, and thus, a winner was found instantly ...
A Fuel Rats Cartoon
Rat Fealty. They have to run our of fuel eventually, right?, by Uvelius Sång. Idea and first Thargoid Rattatoon Contest winner: JIndrolim

It was the fantastic JIndrolim (famous for Rattalooga Heat during trainings … see this Rattatoon). Thanks for making me laugh hard Commander, loot will be on it’s way!
This one made it even into the Elite Dangerous official newsletter!
A Fuel Rats Cartoon

By the way: We have a first winner, but the contest is still open, since we got other excellent ideas … and there are certainly more! Be welcome to contribute.

*) There is something with a somewhat “deeper” meaning hidden in the Rattatoon. Spot it …

Mice of Mischief credits courtesy: The great Father Cool and Robinjb
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