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Fuel Rats Art Contest

Fuel Rats 100,000 Rescues Poster Contest – HOTAS as 1st prize!​

FRAC^o«> Heads up creative Commanders! <»o^

The Fuel Rats are about to hit the incredible and most EPIC number of

1 0 0 , 0 0 0

successfully rescued Commanders of Elite: Dangerous!
With the overwhelming wave of cases during the week where Elite was free on Epic, with a peak at 500 rescues a day, we now have crossed the 94,000 rescues line, and counting …

To properly prepare for that great event, the Fuel Rats Artists Collective calls for a 100,000 Rescues POSTER CONTEST! SQUEAK!!

+++ UPDATE January 1, 3306 +++ WINNERS ANNOUNCED +++

All posters to browse and download:
100,000 Rescues Poster Contest 3306

We are happy to announce the winners of the  Poster contest! ;

WINNER: Poster Contest Certificates: Poster Contest Certificates: Poster Contest

The complete list. 

1 Òssa Major
2 pSyren Farseer
3 Dakkonfire
4 Micro-T
5 Aldarion 3TwoAlpha
5 OrangePheonix
7 Joshywoshywoop
8 Michael E.
9 Geek Ciro
10 Moniboi
11 Dragonfyre
12 Ron E.



We received 13 fantastic posters! The Art Rat Board will now start to nibble industriously on the works and determine which one tastes best.

Look forward to see the whole gallery when we hit 100,000, it's absolutely worth it!


Topic: Create a Poster for the 100,000th Successful Rescue by the Fuel Rats.
Submission: Submit the art file by mailing it to >>> fracontest [here the AT] fuelratart.org <<<
(max. 4MB or download link)
Questions: Frontier Forum thread

  • The style of the poster you want to do is completely up to you, though the event has, of course, to be the topic of it. It has to »work« as a poster (not just as a picture). This doesn’t mean that you actually have to mention »100,000«; treat it as a poster for a concert, an art gallery, a fireshow, an advertisement … whatever comes to mind.
    Feel free to experiment!

  • Resolution and file type: 300 dpi encouraged, hi-quality JPG or similar. We encourage Letter or A4 size ratio (Landscape or Portrait).

  • Copyright: By submitting your artwork, you agree that your art may be displayed, embedded and reproduced both by Frontier (CC 4.0 by), The Fuel Rats Artists Collective and the Fuel Rats (fuelrats.com and fuelratart.org including social channels like twitter, facebook and Instagram), Uvelius' flickr stream (for embedding on the website) under the CC nc-by 4.0 license, completely free of charge or royalties. The name of the artist will be, if so wished, named and linked to their website where possible.

  • There is only one submission per real-life person ;) possible. If we receive more, we'll probably have to roll dice ... or just put them aside altogether ...

Submit the art file by mailing it to >>> fracontest [here the AT] fuelratart.org <<<
(max. 4MB or download link)

+++ WINNERS +++

Contesters will be notified about the ranking as soon as the board has reached a decision.
The winner’s poster will be the »100k celebrity« poster and will be released to the public when the Rats cut their 100k (or shortly afterwards, if the board still has to reach a decision). All other submissions are published then as well.
Prizes will now be sent to the top 3.

+++ PRIZES +++

The Winner is promised a HOTAS (Quote: "usually Saitek 52 Pro") by Frontier!
2nd and 3rd place will get Community Packs.
The works of all participants who met the basic guidelines will be displayed at The Fuel Rats Artists Collective.


Sitting on the board are seven Rats and Rat artists, among whom the founder of the Rats Surly Badger, the winner of the 3304 Art Contest Florenus, and Flossy as a Honourary (and very active) Rat. 

The board will cast their votes in each of these categories for each submission:

  • relevance as a Poster for the 100,000th rescue

  • artistic merit

  • effort (e.g. someone might put masses of effort into their submission but may simply not be the worlds greatest artist)

  • jes nes sais quois (a certain special something that sets the image aside from the norm)

  • A submission that the art board feels not meeting the "working as a poster" line or minimal standards might not be allowed in.

+++ TIMELINE +++

Since we cannot pin down when the 100,000th rescue will happen, the timeline is a bit flexible.
The contest ends and the board will decide about the winners if one of the following happens first:
a.) The Fuel Rats register their 100,000th rescue;
b.) December 24th, 3306 happens!
Works will be published not before hitting 100,00 in any case. 

Note that we confirm all submissions. We'll keep submissions secret until the Great Event :)

Fuel Rats Merit RoundelCheers and \^o">
Uvelius Sång
FRACurator, Fuel Rats Artists Collective

PS. You are welcome to share our Contest Poster! Just use the flickr embed/download options by clicking on the poster below (you'll be redirected to the poster at flickr for this).
Broadcasts: There is both a short and long audio file available as well, just contact us. 

Fuel Rats 100.000th Rescue Poster Contest