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Saturday, July 9. 3301
Alec Turner pledged to join the Fuel Rats on 4th June 3301 but unfortunately was just starting to head back from a Sagittarius A* Buckyball Run at the time so he didn't get to outfit his trusty yellow rescue Python (named "The Call-out Charge") until 25th June 3301. His Fuel Rat career got off to a shaky start when, after a badly botched rescue attempt on the 8th July, he then drafted his letter of resignation to Surly Badger. Thankfully the letter was mysteriously destroyed in a cockpit fire the very same night (after a heavy drinking session) and Alec began his Fuel Rat career properly with his first official rescue the very next day. Since then he has chalked up over 60 rescues and been an avid supporter of the Fuel Rats, creating various bits of artwork (see the "since 3301" poster series) as well as videos, holo-ad's and other promotional material including the now legendary "Buckyball Beer Mats" which can be purchased from "Rebuy Prospect" in the "Fullerene C60" system and which celebrate the Fuel Rats' first 10,000 rescues on the reverse side.
  • Refuelling the Thargoids

    there when you need us, regardless of race, creed, color or species

    When the Thargoids first appeared and started hyperdicting commanders I headed out there in my race tuned Imperial Courier and made a concerted attempt to deliver fuel. The following videos document my two attempts at this (thus far).

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  • Since 3301

    An occasional poster series by Alec Turner.

    Not long after the Fuel Rats were first hatched back in 3301 I began creating an occasional series of poster images around the theme of an advertising slogan with the tagline "... since 3301" (much like many of the great marketing campaigns of the 20th century).

    unusual and exceptional

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