Griefer Treatment. A Fuel Rats cartoon special.

Our very honoured Rat Zatie streamed his repeated encounters with two dedicated player killers, first of whom turned up as a Flea (former: “Cat”) at Fuel Rat rescues the same night, inspiring this spontaneous Rattatoon outside the usual First Thursday sequence ...
A Fuel Rats Cartoon
Griefer Treatment – Fuel Rats style, by Uvelius Sång

Zatie just pasted the playerkillers live on Twitch with love, and did not hesitate in letting himself killed in it’s Bananaconda repeatedly in the process. Key quote of one of the griefers (approx.): “We have done all there is in this game, reached every goal, lifted all restrictions, own billions. There is simply nothing left to do.”

How sad. I might say Zatie made an impression – and the griefers quite confused.

EDIT: Oh, and Zatie asked for a copy of this Rattatoon and put it up on display on the wall!
Rattatoon for The FuelRats

Logo credits courtesy: The great Father Cool

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