10,000 Rescues Celebration Poster and Background

Which day would fit perfectly for a stunning Rats' achievement? The 1st of April, of course.
It is quite typical for the Rats that we reached the incredible number of 10,000 (ten thousand) successful rescues at precisely that day in 3302. It was no April fool's joke, though ...
Of course, I just had to made a poster to celebrate that achievement. It is also available as a "Station"-wallpaper. Here we go:
Rattatoon for The FuelRats
Fuel Rats 10,000 rescues poster, by Uvelius Sång, with Robins 3D Rat models (www.3drjb.com), and Father Cools roundel decal, for The FuelRats (right click-> save as).

Adjusted as a background, using a screenshot from Wollheim (click to enlarge and download from flickr):
Rattatoon for The FuelRats

Forum post on the 10,000th rescue.

With reaching 30,000 rescues, a new poster was fathered:

30,000 Rescues Poster

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