Rat Zoology. A FuelRats cartoon

The Fuel Rats quickly evolved in quite a complex player group.
Even though we claim to be an anarchical collective, we do have roles, and even a certain level of hierarchy. Dispatches send out Rats, and everyone who does a Spatch drill can act as one. Overseers oversee the Dispatch's drill and keep an eye on the IRC channels.
A Fuel Rats Cartoon

... also, there is RatTech and the Ops team, who both effectively decide which content is published on the Rats websites. And then, there are certain term like "Damsel" that are nicknames for certain functions, the Damsel being the stranded Rat in a Rat drill. The Quartermaster send out loot ordered through the Rat store.
Ratlings, now, are undrilled, new Rats, who become drillrats during their drill tests. And 3301's are Veterans, with "3301" being the in-game year of the Fuel Rats' birth

Quote from the original:
To keep it ratty and easy, I will slow down the pace of Rattatoon Thursdays to the first Thursday of the month. But no worries, next Rattatoon Thursday is not that far away …

A Fuel Rats Cartoon

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