The Griefer. A FuelRats Cartoon

The Griefer. Habits die hard, by Uvelius Sång
A Fuel Rats Cartoon

Griefers – Commanders trying to harass other, usually much weaker /new Commanders –have already been a trending topic in 3302, and haven't shown any sign to slow down since. I had the great joy to watch my fellow Rat Jindrolim on a twitch live stream when he tackled a griefer who tried to harass him. Well .. it didn't work out the way the griefer imagined. He seemed quite very embarrassed in the end ... since Jindrolim didn't stop asking him very kindly and friendly on his motives and such.
This is a standing example how Rats tackle Cats: Not through weopns fire and hate, but ... love, and keeping strictly neutral. Griefers do hate that.

Fellow Rat Jindrolim loved the Rattatoon and even asked me for a printable copy; and sent a photo of my Rattatoon hanging on his wall in return! Now thats appreciation. Thanks mate!
A Fuel Rats Cartoon

Logo credits go to the great Father Cool
Copyright notice: If you wish to use Rattatoons or parts of them in publications about the Rats, even in commercial press releases as long as they are part of a press release about the FuelRats (CC 3.0 by), feel free to do so. That’s what they are for (if you think they are appropriate that is). CC 3.0 nc-nd-by otherwise. Yet please drop me a note so i can enjoy seeing them dancing

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