N00bs. A FuelRats Cartoon

Rattatoon for The FuelRatsN00bs. They always get it wrgno wrong, by Uvelius Sång
A Fuel Rats Cartoon

The Fuel Rats are by itself an anachical collective, and for good reasons, as our founder Surly Badger explained in an interview to me. Still, there is a technical hierarchy with ratTech and access privileges to prevent total chaos. And there are Drills.
A Rat that wats to be assigned to rescues on a regular basis is asked to do a Rat Drill to earn it's tail (and Dispatchers have their corresponding Spatch Drills). Well and having to be drilled sort of asks for a cartoon, does it ...

Logo credits go to the great Father Cool
Copyright notice: If you wish to use Rattatoons or parts of them in publications about the Rats, even in commercial press releases as long as they are part of a press release about the FuelRats (CC 3.0 by), feel free to do so. That’s what they are for (if you think they are appropriate that is). CC 3.0 nc-nd-by otherwise. Yet please drop me a note so i can enjoy seeing them dancing

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