• Rat Compression. A Fuel Rats cartoon

    Some features are so self-understanding that one easily forgets that they have been implemented, and welcomed, years after the game's release.
    Multicrew is such an interesting feature coming up with 2.3. Yet what three Rats should do in a single Ratship is a bit unclear … besides racing and showering everything with limpets, that is. Mischief expected.

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  • Rat Heat. A Fuel Rats cartoon

    Things can become hot when Rats do the Tactical Face Plant training. Those Rattacondas seem strangely attracted by Rattaloogas …

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  • Burnt Fur Smell. A Fuel Rats cartoon

    Neutron Stars give an eye-watering FSD boost if you don’t get greedy and end up dropping in the cone. If that happens ...

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  • Rattalooga Tours. A Fuel Rats cartoon special

    In the light of my 100th first limpet rescue celebration, and my absolute love for the Rattalooga,* I decided to publish this Rattatoon today already – usually, they are scheduled for the first Thursday each month.

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  • A Rat trapped by a White Dwarf Cone

    Rats are hard tempted when it comes to longer jump ranges. It is the ultimate bait—apart from certain candy bars and, of course, fuel. And so, after a row of successful rescues, the huge Rattalooga of Uvelius Sång couldn't withstand the temptation to drop by a white dwarf to supercharge his FSD. Yet to bait the Thargoids, he decided to stay a bit longer in the cone ...

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  • Ratty New Year 2017 Rattatoon Decal

    A Rattatoon version of the Fuel Rat decal / roundel, since Orange Sheets wondered whether I could do one for the Rats. Hope you like it!

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  • Future. A Fuel Rats cartoon

    It has been an excellent year for the Fuel Rats, with most honourable accomplishments, loads of Snickers being consumed, many happy clients and some grudging fleas being cared for. Our Rats really deserve a good time at a cosy fireplace!*

    All this also thanks to the efforts of RatTech, who optimized our beloved Mechasqueak even further, making Dispatching and Ratting even more of a delight: Automatic filling of paperwork, auto-registering in IRC, !fact shortcuts and much more. Yet the picture would be all too happy if there wouldn’t be something lurking in the shadows of the future …

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  • Griefer Treatment. A Fuel Rats cartoon special.

    Our very honoured Rat Zatie streamed his repeated encounters with two dedicated player killers, first of whom turned up as a Flea (former: “Cat”) at Fuel Rat rescues the same night, inspiring this spontaneous Rattatoon outside the usual First Thursday sequence ...

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  • Secret Solved. A Fuel Rats cartoon (included in FDev's newsletter!).

    CANONN Research Fuel Rat influencedIn the light of the latest Alien Ruins discovery, we are proud to disclose it to be originating from our ancestors. Now you know why the Ruins draw fuel* … they need to be recheesed!

    Oh, and: This Rattatoon actually made it into the official Frontier Development Elite Newsletter #149!

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  • Contest winner: Shame. A FuelRats Cartoon

    Commander Antarctica01 is the winner of the first Rattatoon contest by supplying the idea for this Rattatoon. Congrats! Loot and certificate will be on their way.

    Oh and a tale about the creation of this Rattatoon ...

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  • Fuel Em All Vinyl Cover

    Someone came up with the idea, "What about a Rat Metal Band". Of course, I couldn't resist to design the fitting vinyl cover ...

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  • Ghost Rats. A Fuel Rats Cartoon

    With Elite: Dangerous reaching out to the X-Box platform, PC Rats couldn't contact X-Box clients, since the two platforms are playing in different instances.

    After Elite for X-Box went live, we had a tsunami of cases: A load of players played Elite: Dangerous for the first time. So Rats playing on the X-Box had a high case load—together with a very special challenge.

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  • Fail. A Fuel Rats Cartoon

    We were among the first groups to get an "own" Community Goal, and we even were among the first to get an own in-game decal for our ships, as a test run for Frontier.
    What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Overdue. A Fuel Rats Cartoon

    Well ... Rats in space ... now there is a joke that is quite straightforward ...

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  • -Black- Rat Holes. A Fuel Rats cartoon.

    Some time ago, the game had difficulty instancing players when dropping on their beacon. The Fuel Rats were one of the groups (if not the one) which supplied Frontier with extensive data to solve this technical issue. Today, Instancing is mostly not a big problem.

    These Rattatoons turn out to have some sort of scrying quality. Last time, right after the Shame Rattatoon, a veteran Rat appeared at a rescue without limpets, for the first time in ages (or ever?) for him.
    Now, just when I finished preparing the first step for this cartoon, I was caught in a very strange dc phenomenon.

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